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Taste off: Tasmania vs England

Published:  17 February, 2023

In the first of our new series, Andrew Catchpole invited a panel to put Tasmanian and English sparkling wines through their paces.


Australia’s trendsetters

Published:  08 February, 2023

James Lawrence looks at the likely shapers of Australia’s wine industry into 2023.


South Africa: Cape reset

Published:  01 February, 2023

South Africa’s industry has had a roller-coaster ride, but it may just come out stronger, as Andrew Catchpole reports.


Exclusive: Bordeaux WineCap insights

Published:  30 January, 2023

While global stock and bond markets had a turbulent 2022, the fine wine sector has continued to perform strongly. Thanks to its low correlation with mainstream asset classes and defensive characteristics, fine wine is attracting a wider investor audience.


Chianti Classico: A landscape of change

Published:  23 January, 2023

Chianti Classico is ramping up focus on its diversity as its new UGA Gran Selezione wines reach the market. Andrew Catchpole reports.


Lebanon: Rebirth and renewal

Published:  16 January, 2023

In a Harpers exclusive, Lebanese expert Michael Karam shares his new, in-depth report on his native Lebanon’s wine industry, with a scene-setting introduction here and the full content published online at


Exclusive: Michael Karam’s 2023 Lebanon report

Published:  13 January, 2023

In a Harpers exclusive, Lebanese authority Michael Karam has released his 2023 Lebanon report, available to read for free on the Harpers website. 


Spain's vintage 2022: Challenges across the board

Published:  11 January, 2023

Wines from Spain has released its annual harvest report for the 2022 vintage in Spain.


Chianti Classico: Respect for tradition, terroir and the planet

Published:  23 December, 2022

James Lawrence looks at how Chianti Classico has evolved to build sustainable winemaking practices and rigorous tasting processes into its traditions to premiumise its wines.


Rounding up Roussillon

Published:  30 November, 2022

Andrew Catchpole looks into the innovation and excitement being generated by France’s compact Catalan wine region.


Bordeaux's evolution

Published:  28 November, 2022

There’s no denying that Bordeaux is a big beast when it comes to wine. Not only do its most famous names dominate the heady heights of investment portfolios, well-heeled cellars and critics’ scores, but it also produces some 25% of all French AOC wines. It’s the biggest appellation in France, with some 111,400ha under vine. And, to put that into perspective, the whole of Australia’s vineyard area tallies 146,244ha (2021 figures, CIVB and Wine Australia respectively). As such, it’s a powerhouse of vinous production.


CIVB: Talking Bordeaux

Published:  25 November, 2022

CIVB president Allan Sichel talks to Andrew Catchpole about the challenges and changes faced by this multi-faceted region.


Port finds a place in tourism

Published:  23 November, 2022

The famous fortified’s efforts to attract a younger demographic look to be paying off as travel plays favourably to its home nation. James Bayley has the details.


Ramón Bilbao: Reviving old favourites

Published:  07 November, 2022

In 2024, Ramón Bilbao will celebrate its centenary, 100 years of fine winemaking that has firmly established it as one of the leading producers in Spain and one of the world’s most admired wine brands. However, since the start of the current millennium Ramón Bilbao has become famous for more than just great winemaking. Under head winemaker Rodolfo Bastida, who assumed the reins in 1999, and the ownership of the Zamora Group, the Haro-based producer has been at the forefront of innovation in Rioja Alta and beyond. While pursuing excellence, it has cast aside many of the conventions that led many people to brand Rioja as boring and predictable.


How Rueda is coming of age

Published:  04 November, 2022

In many ways, Rueda has been a counterpoint to Galicia’s roll call of increasingly sought-after (but often niche) whites. As Spain’s premier white wine-producing region, Rueda has long provided crisp, easy-going styles, with the ‘green’ notes of its flagship Verdejo grape dubbed the ‘terrace tiger’ for its popularity as a summer refresher. Not that Rueda is without quality credentials; sitting at 700-800m above sea level on pebble-infused sandy soils, with big diurnal shifts in temperature and many old vines, these green (‘verde’ – Verdejo) wines have thrived here for up to 10 centuries. But as a category, it has more often played the everyday crowd-pleaser to Galicia’s more exalted status among independents and sommeliers.


Galicia: Spain's Atlantic challenger

Published:  04 November, 2022

Spain’s north-west corner challenges the cliché of full-bodied, fully ripe wines associated with the country. Galicia is the gateway to Atlantic storms and Rías Baixas, its largest DO, a succession of estuaries that allow the ocean to penetrate inland and one of the world’s wettest wine regions with an average rainfall of 1,400–1,600mm. Its lush vines trained mainly in pergolas yield small, thick-skinned Albariño berries that are behind some of Spain’s best whites.


Tim Atkin MW: Singling out Rioja's merits

Published:  02 November, 2022

Modern and traditional are surprisingly slippery terms in Rioja and should be handled with caution. Techniques, ideas and debates that are considered contemporary turn out to have strong historical precedents. Reading Ludger Mees’ new book The History of Rioja Wine (Routledge), I was struck by how often the present echoes the past. As early as 1771 – long before Rioja became a famous wine region – people were grumbling about excessive yields and low prices, the very subjects that still exercise commentators, growers and producers today.


Amanda Barnes: Argentina makes its move

Published:  31 October, 2022

With more than 211,000ha under vine and over 800 wine producers, Argentina is constantly awash with change. It isn’t only a numbers game, Argentina is also in a new golden age of winemaking with its wine industry at its most innovative to date.


The rise and rise of Franciacorta

Published:  28 October, 2022

The sparkling wine industry has arrived at a crucial moment. As markets have expanded and consumer attitudes evolved beyond the ‘just for celebrations’ paradigm, brands can expect to achieve growth that would have been impossible in the 20th century. As the hottest consumer wine topic in the UK, the scope to encourage further premiumisation across different sparkling categories is unprecedented.


Georgia uncovered

Published:  13 October, 2022

There’s nowhere in the wine world quite like Georgia. Anyone visiting the country will have heard this mantra. It seems to accompany any discussion of the country’s wines, with their unique qvevris – egg-shaped earthenware buried underground – helping to make wine on the slopes of the South Caucasus for some 8,000 years.