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Guy Woodward: Why are we so down on English fizz?

Published:  16 January, 2017

There was a degree of sniping when environment secretary Andrea Leadsom claimed recently that England was taking its place "among the world's most renowned wine producers".


Tim Atkin MW: Burgundy 2015 - a year for the little guys?

Published:  11 January, 2017

Burgundy and Bordeaux may share a common language, but they are very different places.


Troy Christensen of Enotria&Coe looks at facing the challenge of 2017

Published:  06 January, 2017

The UK has experienced a long-term period of prosperous on trade growth.


Let's Talk Uruguay

Published:  03 January, 2017

As Uruguay's leading producer of premium wines, Bodega Garzón is approaching the promotion of both its portfolio and Uruguay in a fascinating way.


Q&A: Trevor Gulliver, chief executive, St John

Published:  23 December, 2016

Trevor Gulliver and celebrated chef Fergus Henderson revolutionised modern British dining with St John's nose-to-tail cooking ethos.


Looking back on 2016 and ahead to 2017: Robin Copestick, Copestick Murray

Published:  22 December, 2016

Robin Copestick of Copestick Murray predicts a more adventurous 2017 wine-wise, while hoping for that big win for Stoke City


Looking back on 2016 and ahead to 2017: Ted Sandbach, Oxford Wine Company

Published:  21 December, 2016

The Oxford Wine Company's Ted Sandbach on a (mainly) good year, the challenges ahead and drinking more Pinot Noir


Q&A: Alberto Antonini, winemaker and consultant

Published:  21 December, 2016

Andrew Catchpole caught up with globetrotting consultant oenologist Alberto Antonini at Bodega Garzón in Uruguay, where they talked authenticity, music and the herding of sheep


Eden Mill is putting itself - and St Andrews - on the gin and whisky map

Published:  19 December, 2016

Visitors to the Scottish town of St Andrews will no doubt have heard of the university, its hallowed 18th green as the birthplace of golf and, as time goes on, Eden Mill.


Jerry Lockspeiser: A great time to be in wine

Published:  14 December, 2016

I don't want to be a siren of gloom. After all Christmas is the time for good cheer. But we are racing towards the end of a year where disruptive global events - Brexit, Trump, Aleppo - have shaken our feelings of security.


What lies ahead for 2017?

Published:  13 December, 2016

As a tumultuous year draws to a close, Harpers asked key trade figures to highlight the challenges, ongoing trends and opportunities in 2017


Guy Woodward: Shouldn't Rioja just keep things simple?

Published:  08 December, 2016

It's the impossible question. And also, of course, the one that members of the trade are most frequently asked. "What's your favourite wine?" In the past, I always used to trot out the standard answer: "It depends" - on the occasion, the weather, the company, the mood and, of course, who's paying.


Tim Atkin MW: The rise of the counterfeit wine trade around the globe

Published:  05 December, 2016

Investigative journalism is a dangerous business. Indeed, you could argue that in its purest form it's often fatal.


Customer satisfaction with Eileen Ginger of Whitbread Plc

Published:  29 November, 2016

Whitbread is the UK's largest hospitality group, with an annual turnover of £2.9 billion. Harpers spoke to wine, beer and cider buyer Eileen Ginger about the drinks offerings across the portfolio


My mind is made up, please don't confuse me with the facts

Published:  25 November, 2016

September 11th 2001. Anyone out of childhood can remember what they were doing the day the Twin Towers were felled


Q&A: James Trelawny and Hugo Tapp, co-founders, Trelawny and Tapp

Published:  22 November, 2016

Young guns Trelawny and Tapp have fashioned a niche online wine offer designed to connect with the craft beer generation. They explain their vision to Andrew Catchpole


Wine Rack: Bringing hybrid to the high street

Published:  18 November, 2016

Wine Rack is calling time on traditional high street retail with the roll-out of hybrid stores across its estate.


Guy Woodward: Why is the wine world so snotty about luxury?

Published:  16 November, 2016

My former colleague Adam Lechmere came out with a great line the other day.


Tim Atkin MW: Rioja's future lies in diversity, not uniformity

Published:  09 November, 2016

The poster in Vivanco's Museum of Wine Culture said it all. It was first published in 2001, but it looked much older than that.


Q&A: Pierre Seillan, winemaker at Jackson Family Wines

Published:  07 November, 2016

Since setting off from Bordeaux to discover Sonoma County and make wines for the Jackson Family Wines (JFW) in the mid-1990s, it has been winemaker Pierre Seillan's goal to tap into the potential and diversity of the Sonoma terroi