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Big rise in number of consumers trading up on wine, survey shows

Published:  09 November, 2015

UK consumers are spending more on wine, and younger wine drinkers are becoming a key influence in shaping the marketplace, according to the UK Wine Market Landscapes Report 2015 from Wine Intelligence.

The number of regular wine drinkers who spend more than £6 on a bottle for an informal meal at home is up by 50% in two years, the survey shows. In 2013, only 24% did now; now 36% do.

Those who spend more than £10 on wine as a gift has also risen by half over the same period, up from 16% to 24%.

The report reveals that 14% of wine drinkers will have wine with a formal restaurant meal at least once a week, up from 9% two years ago. Half of them will spend over £15 a bottle.

The survey also highlights the impact the Millennial generation is making on wine buying, with those aged 25-34 now making up around a quarter of all UK wine drinkers.

It is more adventurous in its tastes than previous generations, and less likely to allow its choices to be influenced by grape variety or region of origin.

The Millennials are also driving the trend towards online wine sales. Some 18% of them have bought wine in the past six months, compared to just 5% of those aged 45-54.

A recent Wilson Drink Report revealed that online wine sales grew 11% in the first quarter of 2015.

Luis Osório, senior research analyst at Wine Intelligence, said: "There is a certain 'feel-good factor' present in the UK economy at the moment, which is having a beneficial effect on the UK wine-drinking market.

"Whilst there has been no increase in the number of wine drinkers in the UK, those who do drink are spending more, and spending on better quality products.

"We are also starting to see a generational shift, with the opportunities available in the 'Millennial' segment becoming clearer: over the coming years, these more adventurous drinkers will become the driving force behind wine consumption trends as they will become the most numerous in terms of population in the UK."

The survey was conducted in June 2015 using Wine Intelligence's proprietary Vinitrac online system. The data isbased on responses from 1,000 regular wine UK drinkers.