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How will tequila’s price spiral impact the UK?

Published:  05 April, 2024

Prices for agave are currently in a tailspin as sales of premium products slow in key markets like the US and years of zealous plantings finally catch up – and outstrip – demand.


Nick Gillett: Why mezcal could cure the ‘tequila timebomb’

Published:  12 February, 2024

If you’re an avid agave fan or have been subject to any of my previous tequila musings of the last few years, you might have heard the phrase – ‘the tequila timebomb’. For a few years now, the boom in tequila’s popularity has been well documented, as have the numerous voices warning that, to keep up with this demand, producers are irresponsibly damaging Mexico’s agricultural and civil landscapes. In 2022, my article on the subject talked about monocropping practices of enormous agave cultivations, cloned plants, and the dangerous effect these were having on biodiversity, agriculture, and even water availability for local communities. So, 18 months later, have we managed to dispose of the tequila timebomb?


Friday read: Tequila overload and the celeb-driven bottleneck

Published:  27 October, 2023

Just as 818, the new tequila brand from Kardashian scion, Kendall Jenner, lands in the UK, Michael Goldstein, drinks entrepreneur behind Prosecco Ventures asks, ‘Can tequila’s fiery spirits brands continue their ascent, or will they fade into obscurity?’


Nick Gillett: Predicting the big Christmas spirits trends

Published:  16 October, 2023

When it comes to this point of the year, customers start turning their thoughts towards Christmas. I know we say this every year, but Christmas 2023 really is going to be one of the most important festive seasons of the last ten years. While a great season won’t solve the various problems put upon the industry by government (duty hikes, rail strikes, and soaring energy costs, to name but a few) it’ll certainly go some way to protecting against the inevitable quiet months in early 2024.


Tequila raises the bar

Published:  31 January, 2022

Once known by its ‘slammer’ reputation, tequila is carving out a new niche in UK spirits with optimistic sales as a premium sipping drink, writes Jo Gilbert.


Gosnells launches al fresco mead bar

Published:  13 May, 2021



Raicilla: The new face of agave

Published:  23 September, 2020

From an almost complete unknown beyond the Americas, raicilla is now making inroads overseas, including markets such as the UK. David Furer reports on the new kid on the spirits block.


Aviation Gin takes off with Diageo in $610m deal

Published:  18 August, 2020

Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation Gin brand has landed a mega-deal with drinks giant Diageo, which has been acquired via parent company Davos Brands.


The sipping forecast

Published:  30 September, 2019

Modern brands are looking beyond mixing in search of a brighter future, says Nigel Huddleston


Friday Read: Riding the tequila wave

Published:  09 August, 2019

It is a tumultuous time to be a smaller tequila producer. External forces are a mixture of positive market growth and negative trade tensions, including rising supply costs (agave, in 2018, was up 571% since 2016), fuel shortages engendered by pipeline pirates and fraying civil structure in the main production area of Jalisco. Against this background ‘adaptation’ is the keyword for the smaller producer.


New core range from Scottish tequila producer

Published:  05 August, 2019

Storywood in Scotland has unveiled its core range of aged tequilas.


Batanga Tequila hits the UK

Published:  17 June, 2019

Batanga Reposado and Batanga Blanco Tequilas are now available in the UK from Emporia Brands.


Think Gin gets joined by Think Tequila & Mezcal

Published:  13 June, 2019

Think Gin returns next Tuesday (18 June) with the addition of Think Tequila & Mezcal, which joins the ‘Think’ family for the first time.


Reviving Tequila

Published:  12 December, 2018

Thanks to its renewed reputation as a drink to be taken seriously, Lisa Riley looks at tequila’s potential in the UK as an upmarket and fashionable spirit.


House of Tequila urges industry to work together to stabilise prices

Published:  10 December, 2018

With another two years to go before the current agave shortage – which has caused huge price spikes – is expected to come to an end, House of Tequila has urged the industry to “work together” to avoid such volatile market conditions in the future.


Altos reveals winners of first ‘sustainability competition’

Published:  20 November, 2018

Canada has been crowned the winner of Altos Tequila’s first bartender competition based on innovation in sustainability.


Bacardi completes Patrón acquisition

Published:  01 May, 2018

Bacardi has completed the acquisition of premium tequila producer Patrón Spirits International.


Jose Cuervo extends Margarita Rumble sponsorship deal

Published:  18 April, 2018

Jose Cuervo has signed a deal to sponsor the mixologist Margarita Rumble competition for the second year running.


Maxxium UK rebrands in a bid to clarify market position

Published:  14 March, 2018

Maxxium UK, the UK’s sales and distribution arm of global companies Beam Suntory and Edrington has undergone an enormous period of change since 2009, when the head office of its global brand owners – then a mix of Edrington, Beam, Rémy Cointreau and former Absolut owner VMS – folded.


New premium look for Jose Cuervo mixers and RTDs

Published:  21 July, 2017

Leading tequila brand Jose Cuervo has given its non-alcoholic Margarita Mix an upgrade.