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Oddbins' launches wacky new Brexit campaign

Published:  04 August, 2016

Leave it to Oddbins, the quirky wine retailer, to come out with a new campaign centred on the recent vote for the UK to leave European Union.

Lyndsey Gibbons, marketing manager at Oddbins, pointed out no matter how people may feel about the outcome of the vote, they will still will be drinking wine.

"The referendum divided the country.  The decision to leave the EU will shape political discourse and to a large extent the political outlook of people across the UK over the years to come........ irrespective of how things pan out, Oddbins is of the opinion that we in the UK will still drink wine, still have a sense of humour and make the best of whatever the politicians have in store for us. That mentality forms the basis of this campaign," said Gibbons.

The three BexiteersThe three Bexiteers

Oddbins has built a reputation on its off-beat campaigns, but they have proven to be very successful for the retailer. The online traffic that results of the back of these campaigns via an increase in social media activities have directly attributes to sales the managing director of Oddbins, Ayo Akintola, told in an interview earlier this year.

Akintola said: "Social media is a vital channel for us, it is a fast and efficient medium to get our message across to a wider audience. While difficult to measure exactly, in sales terms, we can directly attribute 2.9% of our branch network sales and 13% of our online sales to social media and the better we get at developing more efficient measuring models, I believe the contribution of social media will become even more significant and will become increasingly more important as we move forward."

The Christmas #WhatTheFox campaign Oddbins ran last year was tremendously successful. The business aimed to get 50,000 views of an online video made as part of the great campaign and exceeded more than 500,000 views.