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Bordeaux Index urges caution on 2009 vintage despite £10m in orders

Published:  05 May, 2010

Bordeaux Index is urging the trade and its customers to be cautious about the prospects of the 2009 Bordeaux vintage despite receiving over £10 million in orders.

It said demand for Bordeaux 2009 was "unprecedented" but has warned potential investors to tread carefully.

It likened the situation to the response to the 2005 vintage which has seen some investors benefit enormously to what was the last well received Bordeaux vintage. A 2005 Chateaux Lafite Bordeaux currently stands at over 150% of its 2006 release price whilst Latour is 80% up.

But Bordeaux Index also stressed that there are a number of equally high-profile 2005 vintages which are still available today at a lower price than at release. Other 2005 Bordeaux estates lost as much as 50% of their value during the global recession.

The 2005 Bordeaux may have received fabulous reviews 'en primeur', but was less well received when it was bottled.

Gary Boom, Bordeaux Index founder, said: "Whilst there's no question that the 2009 en primeur presents a great investment opportunity, we urge buyers to take expert advice before buying. For every investor that makes a great return on the 2009 vintage - and there will be plenty - there will be many of others who follow instinct instead of advice and, unfortunately, suffer a loss."