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Vignobles et Signatures welcomes Domaine Philippe et Sylvain Ravier

Published:  13 November, 2019

Club Vignobles et Signatures has welcomed Domaine Philippe et Sylvain Ravier, marking its first member from the Savoy region.

Vignobles et Signatures said the decision to extend its membership to Domaine Philippe et Sylvain Ravier was “decisive” as the estate shares the “top quality aims of the the 17 members of the club”.

“Via this family, we’re very proud to open our club up to a new region, especially as the reputation of Savoy is growing fast.

“Our club brings together families that are committed to promoting their regions through the production of great wines or great spirits, representative of their respective terroirs. We felt that it was important for the vineyard of Savoy to be equally represented in our club, with its native grape varieties and exceptional terroirs, requiring skilled growing techniques,” said president Julien Revillon.

As a member of Vignobles et Signatures, the group hoped to help promote Domaine Philippe et Sylvain Ravier's wines “beyond our borders”, he added.

Over the years, Domaine Philippe et Sylvain Ravier has become an estate to be reckoned with, having grown from an initial surface area of 3ha to over 40ha thereby favouring greater diversity in terms of terroir, wines and appellations.

For Domaine Philippe et Sylvain Ravier, Vignobles & Signatures stood for "elegance associated with quality wines from each growing area”, said a spokesperson.

“It’s an honor for us to represent our beloved region at the heart of such a prestigious club, evoking the excellence of French wines, recognised worldwide. In joining the club our family has also become bigger by belonging to another one - a close-knit and supportive group of people with whom we share common values."

The membership was equally a way of connecting with the world, always with “the goal of sharing a passion and expertise”, it added.

“At present, there’s a place for wines from Savoy next to the greatest growing areas and this extended hand is a further step in the promotion of a low-keyed vineyard.”

Situated at the heart of the vineyard of Savoy, Domaine Philippe et Sylvain Ravier’s vines extend across the chalky-clay slopes of two emblematic local mountains: Mount Granier and Mount Savoyarde. It was awarded High Environmental Value certification earlier this year.

Club Vignobles & Signatures was created in 1984 by Jean-Francois Janoueix at Vinexpo. It brings together 1,550ha of vines, 11,500,000 bottles, 375 employees, a turnover of €84m and family-owned companies.

Earlier this year the club revealed a new logo, aimed at evoking the diversity of the club’s members, as part of rebrand to celebrate its 35th anniversary.